Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Cam's Even Song - We're The People

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When I tell people that music has saved my life more times than I care to count, most people don't believe me or just think it's part of my usual hyperbole. Not so varmint. Absolutely true as it happens. See, I grew up in a time when the music was inspirational, instructional and enlightening, as well as being great fun. I grew up in and a part of that worldwide phenomenon and am left increasingly dismayed with the long comedown from that particular high, at least judging by the state of today's music. Yeah, yeah call me an old fogey, and you are right. It doesn't make me any less right either. I praise God daily for the timely arrival of the internet and musicians such as Cam Bastedo (aka Cam's Even Song) who keep that flame alive.

Songs, with meaning and conviction. There's a t'ing.

Given that We're The People is billed as a Christian rock track, it certainly doesn't sound like any of that variety I have heard before, including Cam's own forays into the genre. There again, given the length of time I have spent with this track, I'm totally convinced it doesn't sound like Cam either. In fact, if I had to take a stab in the dark, I'd say that Cam has been taken over by a short, purple-wearing pop pixie whose name I've forgotten for the moment but I'm sure you know only too well. All I'm getting when I try and put my finger on it is a mental picture of Prince Charles and that is to upsetting to contemplate. So, he sounds like whatisname then. Which, considering Cam's usual melodious, almost country brand of pop, is a massive step away from where he was.

So, did he funk it up or wot?

Tell ya what, all long term fans will experience the same 'eh?' moment I did, simply because it's so radically different, the intro being almost experimental in sound and feel. It really gets into its stride about halfway through and from then out, it's a much more coherent beast altogether. This is a track that should really be given time and patience to work its magic on you, and make no mistake it IS magic. Nowhere is that magic more evident than in Cam's vocal performance. I know it's Cam, but this is a Cam I never heard before and I want to hear much, much more of. On this track Cam takes on shades of Prince, The Stones and all points everywhere else and it's brilliant. I know I am bound to say that because I am one of this musicians biggest fans but HEY, get a load of what he's doing now....


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