Thursday, July 24, 2008

Steve Altonian - I Want To Get To Know You

Hear The Track Here

A very strong find for me this year is Californian singer/songwriter Steve Altonian. Tell Me Why (January 2008) started off the year beautifully and its mixture of country rock was just what the doctor ordered. It was also, by the way, my first Must Have of 2008. New York City Cowboy (June 2008) also got its own Must Have and that is why I made such a bold opening statement. Tracks that have that rating are musically and technically perfect (or as close as makes no difference) but must also do something further and Steve Altonian's track do that and then some. The warmth and style of the man comes complete with a telling songwriting ability and a usually faultless production quality.

Both of those tracks became Soundclick Number Ones so that and the stats he's built up in a very short time should show you that this is a serious musician. Therefore the only choice before you is whether you would like the music or not and I am most definitely a fan, even if the material veers towards the balladic deep end now and again. If you do love country rock at its finest, that I Want To Get To Know You will click every single box for you, as it seems to have done for a great many others.

Considering the very short time Steve has been active on Soundclick, he has made a considerable impression and this is a track that can only add to his reputation. All of Steve Altonian's tracks are extremely radio friendly which makes me wonder if he is pushing his tracks on some of the online radio stations I know for a fact would gulp this stuff up. It's all about quality at the end of the day, if the song and performance are up to it then it will make an impression regardless of style or genre.

Highly Recommended country pop.

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