Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Can't Stop The Daggers - New Road Acoustic Demo

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I've made a couple of sensational finds over the last year, the first being the wonderful Azoora and another being Can't Stop The Daggers - and they have been known to team up. I'm a sucker for accomplished musicians and competent (or inspired preferably) songwriting skills and both these artists have that in abundance. As you can tell by it's enticing title, this is not the full monty, as it were. Essentially it's Jon Partelow (Oh HIM...) playing the bare bones of a song on an acoustic guitar and singing his little heart out.

Everybody go ahhhhhh....

Inspired by current world events New Road shows exactly what I was saying about musical and songwriting skills. Sure, if you want to get real picky there are a couple of audible fumbles but fer fekks sake, listen to how sharp and clear everything is. Bear in mind also that is a demo so it's not expected to show much more than the basic structure of the song but I think if this were from some singer/songwriter presented to me as it is, I would have some very good things to say about it - most of that technical; great guitar sound, wonderfully warm vocal treatments and neat production tricks.

Ahhh, but I know what happens when you let Chris Chattom, Jon, Emily Schalick, Lionel Luchessi and Ben Dumbauld (the full Can't Stop The Daggers lineup) loose on a song. Go take a listen to Do Driving Fast (March 2008) for a classic example of what I mean then come back and listen to this excellent song. Lots of Americans are daunted by their governments activities (and don't even get me started on the English ones) but there aren't many who can write a taut, provoking song about their views and that is what is at the heart of this track.

Excellent, if bare bones, Indie song. Highly Recommended.

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Every month I love reading through just about all of your reviews these days...perhaps my one time allowance outside of actually playing music in the cracks between my 3 current jobs..so, just wanted to thank you for something positive to look forward to all month every month (especially if I've my own submission too eh?) Cheers.