Saturday, February 26, 2011

C Anthony Goggin - Snow

Hear The Track Here

Damn, always seems to be mea culpa time around here. The object of my grovelling apology this month is C Anthony Goggin. Don't know why I should have developed a blind spot concerning this track and/or this artist other than to shrug and say it happens (Ed: more often than not) So where this should have been around fourth or fifth here it is almost last, yet another victim of the dreaded Gilmore Gremlin (latin: Brainius Crumblius), and one I am duty bound to rectify right now... Snow, that would have given me a blind spot right enough, after what seems like another endless winter - that's my excuse....yeah!!

When I am playing my guitar, I record everything. Not because I want to foist it on you guys but because it helps me to find how what works and what doesn't. Like all guitarists, I record more carp than I would be happy at releasing anyway. One thing about the net is that it's completely pitiless, like a big children's playground where a comment like 'your music sucks donkey dick' is tame in comparison to some I have seem. Sometimes such criticism is deserved but more often than not it is because the musician either doesn't know enough yet, or is unaware of how agonising it is for the net to tear you a whole new butt. Either way, seems to me like you should cut them a break.

We were all there at one time.

So what Snow is extremely lo-key in every way. The singing is soft and hesitant, the music a mere accompaniment to the words. It is, in short, the kind of stuff we all have littering up our hard drives, the difference being is that we know better than to release it. I would hazard a guess and say that Mr Goggin records this pretty much live there and then on the spot. I say this because here, and in other tracks, simple tuning and fluffs are completely in view. Not that that's a problem but I think the overwhelming impression that most people would come away with from this track is, heard the demo, now where's the track? I say these things knowing that the bar is very, very high EVEN with material of this quality and its a big place to get a bit of the spotlight in.

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