Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Unknown Artist - Save The Planet!

Hear The Track Here

My children think that when I was their age, the world was in black and white because the only images they have seen are so. We were talking about this the other day when I received this review request, about a time when the net just didn't exist, at least not in its current form. I first started uploading music and connecting with like minds through something called Bulletin Boards (BBs); a system slower than drying paint where each byte was miserly measured because of the cost. Hence files had to be much, much smaller than the MP3's of today. MODs were the name of the game, and it is in that scene that I first started reviewing this way. One of the names from that decidedly murky past on Usenet's ABSM forum was Pleonist, who seems to have morphed into not only an Unknown Artist but one who labours with a couple of local difficulties.

I actually have the MP3 of this track and let me tell you its sounds HUGELY better than the video on the link I have given you. Hopefully, the musician will come along and give us a URL for the track because it would be good for you guys to hear it properly (kinda/sorta). Oh God, sounds like Caveat City in here doesn't it? OK, 'fess up, the sound on the video is - to be brutal - crap so why, oh why do I still think you should listen to it in lieu of the actual track? Because it is that rare thing - even as rough as a bears butt soundwise - a good song, well delivered in a sprightly English way (think Blur).

Save The Planet is essentially a piano track, although it also has a energetic bass and drumtrack, but that's it. Add the vocal on top and shove it out the door. If I didn't know this guy from a while ago, I probably wouldn't have given this the time I have although I am glad now I did. There is no doubt that even the MP3 version is very lo-fi but to me that is part of it's charm, along with the lolloping beat - a kind of stagger from beat to beat if you like. Almost Britpop I guess but that doesn't detract from it's charm but that's probably because I do like material like this, witty, beat smart and thought provoking. 'Remember, folk in the future will have enough on their plate...' Now, where is that guy for the URL...

Rough yes, but interesting nonetheless. Recommended '60's style protest song.

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