Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Thomas J Marchant - I Am Really, Really Tired

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And, if we hadn't got the point yet, Thomas tells us in the song comments that he is 'really, really f*** ing tired' and I echo that sentiment. I think I've been tired ever since I crawled out of the womb, it definitely feels like a lifetime of tiredness. Is this, we wonder, our favourite Soundclick troubadour coming down with a bad case of man flu?, or a bit of the dreaded yuppie flu (otherwise known as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome)? I don't know and - to be frank - I'm too tired to care and all I can say to Thomas is, if you feel tired now wait until you see what old age has in store for you :P You're going to love that.

Vindictive much tonight?? Naaah, just joshing...

In case you have been away on holiday, off-planet or inside prison, you won't have heard that Thomas had a major computer disaster a while back which seriously affected his way of making music, and I have only reviewed a couple of tracks since then. Where other people fall apart under such conditions, Thomas stiffened his lip (he is English after all), swore copiously and vented all the frustration into the tracks he was able to make, off-handedly delivering some of his best songs yet. Not sure I can say the same about this track because IMHO it's a kinda throwaway track and features a chorus that features a part of the female anatomy (rhymes with hunt) in glorious, glowing lo-fi. You can tell how much he is enjoying singing this particular refrain. I was just surprised we couldn't hear him smacking his lips. No, scratch that too...

OK, I've taken my truth pill so here goes. If I wasn't already a big, big fan of this songwriter, this track might have me scratching my head with some degree of puzzlement; is it supposed to be funny? (it is, wildly) or is it ironic? Actually, I have never been about to tell but the things I like about Thomas are all present and correct in this song, even if the general feel may be a bit haphazard. Even Thomas admits to not knowing what this track is about. So, dear abused listener, if swearwords offend, don't go there. If you don't like lo-fi acoustic music, don't go there. If you like Thomas you have already heard this, and if you haven't you should but remember he has far, far better tracks than this curio.

Odd, lol funny rant... Recommended world-weariness.

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