Tuesday, February 22, 2011

eXcel (Freshset) - Ya Know What

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I do hope eXceL and the rest of Just FAM (Freshset) have forgiven me yet for the crap I gave them about Christmas, and their part in it. See, they gave my my first Christmas track of 2010 in the shape of Christmas Shop (November 2010) and if there is one thing I cannot stand at Christmas, it is Christmas. I know, I know but just think about it a minute. Despite much pissing and moaning about such a state, I couldn't help but recognise that they - again - managed to skate by with a mild dose of critical rabies because they are just too good, even when they are making songs about Christmas lol.

Out of all the hip hop bands I know on Soundclick, Just FAM (Freshset) happen to be some of the most commercial, but the same doesn't hold true of eXcel's solo work. So far I've reviewed three or four of his tracks and haven't found much to complain about, and even managed a couple of words of praise here and there. So far, so Gilmore eh? This is his first recorded work this year, and it shows that he may well have a good year indeed, as he points out in the rap.

Hand on heart, I don't really like commercially inclined hip hop (of the softer kind) and Ya Know What is exactly that but hey I can certainly appreciate the work and effort the man puts into it. Although I can always find something to like in eXcel's tracks, he is yet to hit me with something that I can appreciate more but I live in hope ya know? Having said all that, don't get me wrong, this isn't aimed at someone like me after all. So if you like soft, mellow hip hop, eXcel's Ya Know What will go down a treat. Me I prefer my meat a little bloodier than this but that is a personal thing, I'm sure lots of people will like this.

Recommended hip hop.

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