Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Those Among Us - Disco Ball EP

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You can find all four tracks from the Disco Ball EP on Those Among Us's's's Soundclick page, and indeed listen to them to your hearts content. You can't, however, be as smug a git as me because I have a physical, all-that-glitters-is-not-gold, artwork and everything Real World CD, courtesy of my old friend John Brandon. Now its no good muttering 'not him again!' because - as well all know - he's becoming a very, very busy boy. So, just so you know this isn't a one man show, let me introduce you to Lino Gonzalez and Steven 'Mez' Mesropian, both of whom have brought some considerable chops to the proceedings - even in a Silvertrain track! Anyway, Those Among Us's's's (Ed: do stop doing that) first EP - A Chance To Die (August 2010) got a very warm welcome from me, partly because it was so good to hear John meshing with other musicians and partly because the other members contributions were every bit as good. That certainly showed me that - however they work - Those Among US do come across as a coherent group.

I have reviewed a couple of tracks from this EP already; the first demo version of Disco Ball (September 2010) and I Need To Know (November 2010) and although I wasn't keen on the Disco Ball track, I Need To Know fared very well. So there are two other tracks, Waiting and As The Storm Comes In but hey, let's start at the beginning - with the final version of Disco Ball. 'It's just fine but there is a roughness to both the sound and arrangement that a bit of tightening up here and there wouldn't harm' is what I said in the original and by golly that's exactly what they have done. Tightened it up until it was as sweet a rock nut as you could find. Not, however, as immediate as some of their songs and I say this after some considerable exposure to it but what it is - a class, beautifully put together rock song more than makes up for my crabbiness. I Need To Know seems to be the same track I reviewed and if John's more wistful songwriting side is what appeals to you, this is a beaut.

Tell you what, not sure who is playing the guitar in these tracks but they own the place. I Need To Know has some blistering leads and the whole EP features some of the best crunch-rock guitar sound I have heard lately. The way I think it works is that Lino does all the electronica so either John or Mez are the purveyors of some serious axework. To my ears, although this is a small, small quibble, Waiting is much more American in feel than the previous tracks but doesn't suffer any because of it and again it shows that Mez has a classic rock vocal style. I think they must have raided the acid cabinet for As The Storm Comes In which is extremely Pink Floyd-ish in feel. Psychedelic to the max, complete with natural ambient sounds and keyboard sound that sinks right into your soul. Very adventurous, and if this is where the band are going next I can only respond brrrrrrr and shudder in delight. (Ed: TMI Gilmore). It took forever for this EP to get to me (by snail) but the wait proved to be worth it.

Solid workmanship, great rock songs. Highly Recommended and MUST HAVE for fans

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