Saturday, February 26, 2011

Farrell Jackson - Another Year 2010

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Nice to see Mixposure musicians in my review threads, especially since I can never free enough enough space for that site these days. Sure do miss that ol' rock and roll and its a good job that friends like Farrell think of a poor starving fan once in a while. I am a fan, of that be in no doubt. Farrell, along with his Mixposure cohort, have the spirit of rock music embedded in their bones and - working together in small teams - have been responsible for some great rock moments over the past year or two.

His last track - It's Time U Faced It (December 2010) featured Mixposure stalwart Buddrumming and he shares the honours on Another Year 2010 too. Another Year 2010 is so named because the song was written some time ago (2004 I think) and this is the 2010 remixed/remastered version. Seeing as I never heard the original anyway, all of that is irrelevant, but the song most certainly isn't. As I say, I like Farrell as a songwriter and his rock side, especially the classic rock kind because he has a rare gift of authenticity.

'Monday morning has hit me with a brick', Farrell sings with some obvious feeling 'I'm feelin' down and I need a fix' which is a sentiment we can pretty much all get behind. It's in his songwriting that I find most appreciation for this musician, his experience merely adding weight to what is already there. There is no doubt that the main roots of this track belong squarely in the world circa 1966, complete with a lyrical tale about the difference in the writer between that time and now. Anybody who appreciates the earlier work of the Beatles et al will find much to like in this classic rock song and it definitely hits all of my musical G spots; good lyrics, great hooks and knockout music and arrangement.

Highly Recommended rock classic that never was.

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Unknown said...

Thanks for the great review Steve! Yes, classic rock is embeded in my matter what I write, record, or produce it all comes out sounding as though it was done so in the 60's through the 80's era. I just embrace that and and let the classic rocks roll where they may.

Thanks again!

Farrell Jackson