Wednesday, February 16, 2011

New Nobility - Galactic

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Here's a funny thing. A few years back you couldn't move with the amount of Antipodean (ie Australia, New Zealand) musicians around but they seemed to have been supplanted (at least in my view) by Canadians - a country where, it seems, everybody and his brother is an aspiring muso. New Nobility, then, arrived in my inbox just in time and although its taken us some time to sync so that I could get the track, it finally panned out. Checking the band out I discover more than a few members and find that they make music that is 'straight-forward rock with political lyrics. They sing about fighting for global justice and peace throughout the world' according to one of their websites.

Galactic is a track from the band's current album Blue Butterfly (Revolution) and this - and the tracks on their page - will show you a terrific rock band in complete sync which - I guess - explains why they have become quite so feted worldwide but I tell you what, one listen to Rebel Hero (on their page) would show why. Awesome song, and in some ways I wish that had been the review track, for sure I've heard it as much as Galactic. (Ed: he reviewed that track too a while back) As a grizzled rock veteran from back in the day, I am super-critical about what (or what doesn't) constitute the term rock - especially if it's rock of the classic variety. On that score, New Nobility meet every criteria; great songs, clean, powerful production and inspired performance.

The only real fly in the ointment is that - if I had a preference - I would say Rebel Hero is absolutely knockout. So is Galactic, but in a different way. Certainly the band deliver all that is expected of them, as does the song itself but to my ears its nowhere near as catchy and instant as Rebel Hero. One thing is for sure, if you were in the market for a good new rock album then I definitely recommend you check out these guys. Great rock songs are like cowbells, ya know? Can never get enough of them. Now while it sounds like I am ambivalent about this track, that would be very wrong. Damn, getting a band to sound this tight is a lifetime achievement all on its own, let alone making a whole album this good.

Highly Recommended classic rock

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