Thursday, February 24, 2011

Solosounds - Across The Great Divide

Hear The Track Here

Like newspapers, you learn to read between the internet lines to get to the root of things. Regardless of the amount of crap that is out there on the internet, there is no doubt that it is the foremost tool if you want to know something about pretty much anything. Writing as much I do, I actually get to do some serious research from time to time, triggered by either the track I'm reviewing or a musical reference I want to pin down. Without this track, for example, I would have never heard of California Folk singer/songwriter Kate Wolf whose song this is a cover of. So, consequently I never heard the original song either at the time (1970's/'80s) or since. Sadly, Kate passed away some years ago and I guess it will be covers like this that will keep her memory alive.

Solosounds is a side project of one Jon Solo, who you may remember made the Gilmore eyebrows raise somewhat with Circles (January 2011) and - if I were being honest - I think I prefer his own work. Mind you, as he says, he doesn't do folk and neither do I, but I would do sub-country and western to death rather than give it ear room and I'm afraid this track falls squarely into that category. Now maybe the original track sounds like this too, after all it was a folk song and they can be a bit......overwrought. In my defence my early life is dotted with tracks like this and it scarred me forever. Then it used to be called 'middle of the road', stronger words apply these days.

Understand me, all of the above is a personal opinion, not a critique because, as we discovered before, Mr Solo can't be faulted in getting the feel right. In every respect, this track is musically and structurally sound, giving off a 1970's Carpenters feel, aided no end by the more than able vocals of Stacy. Stacy?? Well, she is the friend who wanted to cover this song and she roped Jon into providing the necessary soundtrack and - despite my personal view - created a very listenable 1970's style rock ballad, if you like that kind of thing. One thing this track does show, beyond doubt, is that both Jon and Stacy know what they are about, they should feel good about creating it. I'm just a venomous old man innit??

Highly Recommended pop ballad (think Carpenters).

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