Sunday, February 27, 2011

Eject Pilot Eject - Face To Face

Hear The Track Here

You may remember this Welsh trio, who I first met through my Rebel Riffs blog when I reviewed their Jump At The Right Time EP (July 2010). Very nice it was too, although - as I said at the time - it wasn't exactly earth-shattering but hey, early days right? OK well now here we are almost a year on so I would have expected something to change, a year is a long time, especially if you are a gigging band, as this one is. Sarah, Owen and Luke make up this trio, Sarah being the drummer which came as a bit of a surprise. Don't get many female drummers to the pound, that's for sure. She does a damn fine job of battering the crap out of them too in the time honoured fashion...

Face to Face is the kinda/sort follow up to the EP and I admit I was looking forward to hearing where they are now. Worth the wait, as it happens, because their sound and style has toughened up considerably giving them a much rockier sound than I remember from the EP. Face To Face is a terrific song too, jumping right out of the speakers at with with energy to spare. I didn't find anything wrong musically on the EP, so I didn't expect to with this track, but I certainly didn't expect the punch, the tightness of the whole thing.

Sarah takes vocal control this time out and, surprise surprise, she has a fine voice in the tradition of Bonny Tyler another great Welsh female vocalist and I do not make this comparison lightly. They make mention of their new sound and direction on their website, and how people have reacted to it, and I can see why it would be positive. This is what I was thinking they should like when reviewing the EP, tough and punchy but then Sarah was only doing backing vocals. There is no doubt that Face to Face is major leagues away from those first few tracks, now they are cooking...

Highly Recommended Rock pop song. (Keeper for me anyway)

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