Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Atropos Project - VII - New Leaf

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One of the real good things about growing older (and there are many more bad things, believe me) is that you get to know a lot of stuff. Since the net entered my life, my stock of useless and irrelevant trivia has reached record levels although the fact I am about to impart to you comes from further back; my classical English schooling including Latin and Greek. You can't delve into that without unearthing the whole gamut of mythology associated with these ancient languages. Atropos is Greek and the name of one of the three Fates we are told control the strings of life, our Fate is the cutter of life threads so obviously not someone to dick around with. Much more to the point, wouldn't naming a project after her automatically lead to one of Zeus's famed lightning bolts up the butt??

Enquiring minds want to know...

As you can no doubt tell, I can't out very much about this musician except they appear to be a one-man band but aren't they all these days? Alternative Metal is what this Project promises and I'm all for a bit of metal in all its various forms, although truth to tell, while it has metal overtones, it's a bit too noodly to be the type of metal that really refreshes me. What it does show, however, is that a) Atropos Project is a guitarist of some note and a class songwriter too boot,metal or no metal. While I did enjoy the metal stuff, the bulk of the track is much more musical (refined even) especially the piano interludes.

VII - New Leaf, as you can tell by its numbering system, is track seven (Latin, ya see??) of Atropos Project's current Circulus album and very nice it is too - for an instrumental. Aaahh, snag right? See, as good as it is instrumentally (and it is), only fellow musicians are REALLY going to be interested in it. Your average Joe or Joess wouldn't hang around to find out whether it was a good instrumental and therein lies my problem with this track. There is a comment about these tracks (from Circulus) that he is looking for vocal collaborators so if you've been looking for something that might stretch you as a singer, this will be it. I hate to say this but this was very nice, know what I mean? Doesn't go much beyond that though, whereas the addition of a smoky yet raucous vocal would make it happen.

Highly Recommended instrumental nonetheless.

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