Sunday, February 13, 2011

Collective Surrender - A New Beginning

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Not, as you might imagine, as new a name as you might think. OK, well it IS a new name to me, but certainly the characters involved are known to me through Satellite 3 who have proved to be very interesting indeed over the space of this past year in an alternative indie kinda way. Anyway, A New Beginning was - apparently - written by Justin Storie and Joey Saha before the Satellite 3 guise. All of which, I guess, you didn't really want to know but hey, I got to write something... So, this is an older track (by a year or so) and very different to the style shown by Satellite 3 being first and foremost an instrumental.

Not, however, just any old instrumental but one supposedly tainted with the 'ambient' word. However, like a lot of words, it's all in the interpretation and - thankfully - this ambient style is not the hated, sickly elevator music that so often tries to pass itself off as ambient.Best not get started on that eh? I know the very last thing most of you want to hear right now is yet another instrumental, I know that is true for me. It has to be a pretty nifty one (instrumental, that is) for me to really get into it, so jaded is my feeling for electronica of most kinds these days.

Surprisingly enough, A New Beginning is not exactly what it is billed as, in fact it's quite effective in the choice of sounds, and their placement and structure and not in the least what I would consider ambient - unless you count electronic drones as being that. I think what makes it sound so different is that it's a neat blend of electronica and live instrumentation worked out between the pair of them. OK fair enough, you will have heard the like a time or two before but this still contains enough of interest to hold a certain amount of attention. A nice diversion from their Satellite 3 work for sure.

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