Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Third Best Guess - The Answering Machine (Catch You)

Hear The Track Here

Although Third Best Guess members Travis McCarthy and Daniel Farrell are not quite the youngest musicians I have reviewed, they are certainly in the listing. 16 and 17 years respectively and yet here they are with a whole album under their belts and a fine producer/manager/whatEVAH in the lordly shape of one David Pendragon. Yes, him. I also feel that the man gets everywhere these days but who can blame him? Also a fine musician in his own right, David Pendragon is in danger of being known more for his video/production work than for his musicianship, and that would be a shame. Still, this review isn't about us old farts, it's about the next generation and here David has (as they say) a track record. This is not the first young band he has given a helping hand to.

As a father of young boys, I have an endless resource of comparison (at least now we are past the Bob The Builder stage) and their musical tastes range from Justin Bieber all the way to Eminem and Tinie Tempah. When I played them this, they were quite taken that the people singing and playing this song were only a few years older than them, but outside of that it was a bit 'girly'. What they meant was that it is a love song, and they are still at the age when appreciation of such things is some way into the future, Mind you, I hope when they get there they can handle such lyrics with the same ease and delight in their achievements that Travis and Daniel have. God that would be something to see.

I often use the term vibrant but here is a track that literally pours it's life and soul into your ears with such sunny style you can't help but smile at it. If I didn't know that the band was Australian (as is Mr Pendragon), the track would certainly spell that out for me. It sounds as if it were made for a marketing campaign extolling the virtues of a life Down Under, all glowing skins, wide smiles and welcoming people, and if it were, it would suggest Australia in every note. While it's true that many of us sing with our own accents to the fore, there is something very endearing about hearing it on such an uplifting track as this. Two guitars, a couple of voices and boundless optimism will definitely get you a good way in this world, and I KNOW this track isn't aimed at me so if I like it, it's intended audience will wilt and swoon :)

Highly Recommended slab of sunshine.

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