Saturday, February 19, 2011

Whitman Speck - King Of The Sickos

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The last time I reviewed London horrorcore rapper Whitman Speck, as well as the usual frisson of fear and loathing brought on by the sordid tales of life in gritty, urban, downtown Palmers Green, I was also treated to a further immersion in the subject of blood, guts and mayhem by a kind reader who gave me an excellent rundown on the differences between serial killers and mass murderers. Gosh, what an exciting life huh? I was trying to explain where the bandname came from, suffice to say it involved killers (whatever their motive). Whitman Speck's whole dog and pony show revolves around scenes of violence (to all and sundry though, so at least he's democratic), vivid and unrelenting rap images that burn their way into your brain ensuring you will wake up screaming most nights of the week. Luckily, I already did that so I guess you could say I was immune.

The only bright spot for you guys in this gorefest is that, when all is said and done about his material, Whitman Speck happens to be a very, very sharp and intelligent rapper, playing to his strengths musically and vocally and yeah, it always works. Not for the kiddies or grannies or pussies for sure, but if you have a strong musical constitution and a liking for hard hip hop then this guy is always worth a listen. What marks him out is an unerring knack in picking up righteous beats, all sharp angles and knowing grins and no-one, I mean NO-ONE works harder for those cute little Parental Advisory stickers. When the man is defending his territory, he is truly terrifying so whatever you do, don't just take my word for it grab a listen to any of this tracks.

King Of The Sickos is undoubtedly a nod in his own direction and probably as autobiographical as you want to get, as sexually explicit and non-PC as some of his finer works, with a beat that slams into your body like a fistful of jackhammers. I love it when the beats and the rap match perfectly and Whitman Speck achieves that time after time (at least he does to my ears) and is, IMHO, one of the best of his kind on Soundclick, London or anywhere else. Certainly I've never heard anyone like him lyrically, and when that music is slamming the man can't be beat. King Of The Sickos is (I suspect) going to end up as his theme song and - as such - it's going to have to be a bit special. This is, and then a bit more. However, if you are easily (or even hard to offend) you may well want to swerve out of the way of this bad boy.

MUST HAVE murderously wicked rap.

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