Monday, February 21, 2011

Rustik - Mind Right Music

Hear The Track Here

For a while there, I admit, I found it hard to say anything good about hip hop, especially the more commercial varieties but even the unsigned world had its problems. I've been reviewing solidly on Soundclick - month after month - for many years but haven't had much occasion to jump up and down about the hip hop tracks I heard. Then, a couple of years ago, I started to hear a different breed of unsigned hip hop and lo and f****** behold, this one I could really get behind.

See, I'm waay too old to be obsessing about riches and bitches so why would tracks that do exactly that interest me? Or you for that matter. Personally I like my hip hop old school, at least lyrically. Songs and raps with meaning, intelligence and yay a marked disdain for the commercial side of this genre. Rustik has played a large part in that transformation, getting serious mention in my 2010 roundup and, believe me, I choose all of those with great care. Fact is Rustik has confidence, style and a knack for getting the right backing track. 'I guess I get to find out what you think of some of my older stuff' he said in the review request so I guess this pre-dates the tracks that have singled him out (for me anyway).

That much is noticeable because Mind Right Music has a much more mainstream feel than (say) Monster, even though Monster has the potential to be a huge hit. Mainstream as in musical style is what I mean although that doesn't stop it in any way being good, you'd just have to like the style. Although it doesn't carry a Parental Advisory be aware that there is copious swearing on the track, but it definitely goes with the shambolic, wtf-is-going-on-here feel of the track and mean that in the nicest way. I personally get off on music that is so laid back its almost falling over and Mind Right Music does that with some style. If this is an older track, it just shows that Rustik has always been an on-the-money rapper.

Recommended jazzy Hip Hop.

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