Monday, February 21, 2011

Reflexion X - 6th Instinct (Feat Dave 909)

Hear The Track Here

Out of the seven or so Reflexion X tracks I have heard (and there are some Must Haves in there), it's usually the music, songwriting and style that have won me over because, being honest, Heikki Roots doesn't have a standout voice. What does mark him out, however, is that he is aware of it and makes the kind of tracks that suit his particular style - with one exception. All of us, no matter what, sing with an accent and obviously it is wrong to point out (Ed: time after time) but it IS part of the whole package isn't it? Especially when the vocalist's mother tongue is not English. As I've said before, I would prefer it if they sang in their own language, and they would certainly feel more comfortable about it. Reflexion X (with the help of Dave 909 of course) proves that point beautifully with 6th Instinct.

God knows what language this is, and no doubt Reflexion X will clear this up for us, but I do know it makes the music that much stronger and God knows it was strong enough already. 6th Instinct is funky, it's hip hop and rap and a million others besides and a glowing example of what this musician does best. Catchy songs, great arrangements and an almost faultless production, considering the guy is doing it all himself (except where others like Dave 909 pitch in and lend a hand.

So, Dave 909? Who he? Again, I have no idea but no doubt all will be made clear shortly but I do understand he is called David Nyberg and that's yer lot. Doesn't matter a light when put against such an energetic and entertaining piece of music, even if you don't understand a word that is being said. As far as electronica goes, Reflexion X has an unerring touch, getting it right every time. For sure if you are fan of early electronic pop then 6th Instinct will float your pleasure boats. It also shows me yet again that Reflexion X keeps on coming up with the goods, whatever his own limitations are.

Highly Recommended electronica hip hop and MUST HAVE for fans.

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