Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The New Royalty - Here I Go

Hear The Track Here

This track has had more time with the review process and that is because a) it's actually very, very good and b) it's taken me a while to dig up any info on the band and that is really important because - believe me - you'll want to know more about this band. If you are currently imagining that this rhapsodic euphoria must have come about because the band has a female singer, then aren't you a clever boy/girl/either-or/an alien from another galaxy. Yep folks, my middle name is transparent. Of course, just having a female singer isn't the whole deal, she has to be able to sing and Bree Lafelice sings like an angel. My niece says that she sounds like Paramour and I just nod and say me she just sounds good.

The New Royalty is actually a five piece American indie band with a very modern sound. God knows how they made Here I go but it sounds as good as anything out there in terms of audio quality, but again if the material being performed isn't up to scratch, it won't make any difference. If Here We Go is an example of what the band can do, then this is one new name I am going to be keeping up with because it's professional, tight and incredibly well executed. It makes me question if the band had a professional hand in putting it all together or whether this is all their own work.

If it is, I am astounded that a band so young looking could sound so confident and relaxed, although the track's energy and drive show that the band can deliver solidly enough. Certainly it is more than enough to get me wanting to hear more so maybe next I'll be checking out their new CD When Poets Dream. Have to say, hand on heart, that as good as the song is, it does sound like a good few other indie bands but - all in all - I don't think that will make much difference to someone stumbling across the band or being directed from reviews such as this. For sure if you like energetic, straight ahead indie rock, then will be certainly do the trick. Now all I have to do is wheedle a CD out of them lol...

Highly Recommended American indie.


Amanda F said...

I love this band, they're so talented and every time i go to a show i have the best times =]. TNR is the best<3

Unknown said...

I love TNR best band ever

H N said...

They're an amazing group which is built up of the coolest people, their success is well earned and they truly sound great