Thursday, February 17, 2011

Pilesar - Wife Stink

Hear The Track Here

The enormous, crushing weight that is my life was enlivened lately with yet another visit from my postman. It may seem to you like me and my postman have become quite close, he certainly thinks so. The reason is you guys, or to be more accurate in this case, Pilesar, Mad Scientist of Soundclick and other spheres. Wrapped in an anonymous bundle was a CD with great artwork, radio friendly and featuring some of Pilesar's finer musical moments such as Gator Wrasslin', No Good For Eyeballs and much more. The arrival of Radio Friendly in this beautifully put together real-world CD is perhaps an important moment for this Maryland based musician and oddball. In terms of professional delivery and quality merchandise, the CD can't be beat although the music will obviously have to speak for itself.

Not sure where you can get a copy from but no doubt the big P will be along to tell you.

Wife Stink, however, is not on that CD but is the track Pilesar put up for review this month so - pegs on noses - we continue. Pilesar has always been one of the most innovative musicians I have personally known, and one of the hardest to pin down but he's not as smart as he thinks he is. I have discerned a slightly different picture. See, I always knew that underneath all the seeming mayhem beat the heart of a true musician but never, in all the warped, twisted universes he has taken me to would I have thought that we would end up here. See, when it comes down to it, Wife Stink - despite the title - is as simple a pop song as someone like Pilesar is ever likely to make. This, remember, is the man whose music has been known to madden stone to a pitch of frenzy.

Obviously I have a very soft spot for Piley (it rhymes with Kylie damnit) but like all experimental musicians - even one as talented as this - have their detractors. Each to their own and more fool them because IMHO Pilesar is one of the fresher talents inhabiting a much reduced Soundclick veteran community, so even the most hard hearted would grant him his pop moment right? OK so the sound may be well on the rough side, and it is kinda straining the pop tag somewhat but nonetheless Wife Stink has all the ingredients of pop and (gasp) it's even a f****** song!! Who woulda thunk it?? From weird three-faced cyborg menace from another universe, intent on rearranging our brains to innocuous (well, by his standards) poptastic harmonisation, such a thing can only be Pilesar. Not pop as we know it Jim.

Great song though. Highly Recommended pop rant

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