Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Fear 2 Stop - Groundhog Pot Pie

Hear The Track Here

Of the two hundred odd tracks Houston's finest experimentalists Fear 2 Stop has online at Soundclick, many of them seem to feature animals of some kind; either being grossly distorted in pics, ending up at title fodder or - in this case - ending up as tonights dinner. Don't know why I should be surprised though, this bunch of musical loonies are perfectly capable of all kinds of mayhem, although they may have bitten off more than can chew with the groundhog. In the pic that accompanies this track, this is a seriously tooled up and ready to rumble rodent and obviously just as intent on not becoming tonights dinner. So, while I am constructing this hasty barricade, let's run through the track Fear 2 Stop sent me...

But keep your eye on the marmot.. (Ed: mar-wot?) OK, the rat.

Someone said to me once that they really couldn't tell one Fear 2 Stop track from another, while recognising that what you are listening to can only be Fear 2 Stop - and that, surprisingly enough, is the point. This band has always been out there in all the time I have known them and yes, they have made lots of tracks that - on the surface - don't seem that much different. There is the usual blend of analog and synthetic, the usual busy beats, the doomy bassline and the ocassional tinkle of a piano just to lighten the proceedings somewhat. I can't say that I take too much notice of the content of F2S tracks because that isn't what they are about. It's the feel mang...

Now furry muff, they would be feeling something well weird to be coming out with material like this but I assure you, they have honed and refined this sound over the years and I, for one, definitely have a taste for it. Sure enough, I do spit it out from time to time but - on the whole - Fear 2 Stop's output doesn't frighten me the way it used to back in the day. Not that Billy, Dana and Ray are resting on any laurels (as if eh?) but it is good to hear them making their sound, their way and to hell with the rest of us. Obviously, this is not for the weak-willed, Fear 2 Stop do not take any prisoners but if you like experimental electronica (with a big beat lol) then this may well do you until the next car crash comes around.

Recommended blend of analog and digital experimental.

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