Thursday, October 28, 2010

Weylin's Slayer Orchestra - Flight Of Sideria

Hear The Track Here

Weylin's Slayer Orchestra 'is thinking up ideas for a new beat and practicing his guitar' so we automatically assume one man band - and us all wearing our monkey suits and gowns too (I won't say who wore what). See, you get all snazzed up to go see an orchestra don't you? Oh well, seeing as we are here.... Weylin (obviously not his real name but he loves it so...) says that his main genre is Orchestral/Metal and that may well do what it says on the tin, I have heard some excellent darker metal things done this way. However, Weylin is only a starter, as he admits, and we all build our own mountains to climb, don't we?

Speaking of which...

Bad Gilmore, should definitely be paying more attention to genres while reading this guff about the musicians involved. Had I done, I would have saved myself from a rather public outburst of Gilmore Gobbiness. Given the build up described in the opening paragraph, the very last thing I was expecting was either a games soundtrack and/or a techno-folk thingie. I was expecting Gotterdamerung (musically as it were) and I get whirly, churny, slap a silly smile on music that may well work in a game but - in my books, it would be a bloody weird game. So: games soundtracks, I puke on them. Having said that, I've had to cosy up to a few of them here and there and some I even admit to liking so hope springs eternal eh?

There again I'm a Certified Cantankerous Old Fart but not so far gone in my dotage that I can see that Weylin knows what he's doing, and there is indeed an audience for this on Soundclick and elsewhere. So what if its a bit shaky from time to time. He's got some interesting sounds (should you like the sound of machines doing the nasty). Considering the short time he's been doing this I wouldn't feel that down hearted about anyone's opinion because if you like close encounters of the Mario kind, this is a pretty decent stab at the genre. Just not my thing is all.

Interesting instrumental nonetheless.

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