Monday, October 25, 2010

Rude Corps - Solidarity (Remix)

Hear The Track Here

Seeing as I spent the last few Rude Corps reviews whinging about not hearing my favourite (usually political) tracks from this master of splenetics (look it up) and if there is one thing you need of a cold winters night, it's a red hot political diatribe. Rude Corps, it would seem, has taken pity on me and unleashed this to warm the cockles of my heart (whatever they are). There are two versions of this on the Rude's pages, a breakbeat version and this, a new improved Alternative hip hop zinger. Now now, don't be turning your noses up, believe me when I say there is hip hop and then there is Alternative hip hop and Rude Corps has had much experience at this both in his own work and his collaborations with the much missed stain(ed) Art. To me both of these artists showed that biting political commentary in songs was not a lost art, and that this music shows a quite distinct English brand of hip hop.

Much closer to the original premise of the genre, maybe?

One of the best things about Rude Corps that generally nails me is the man's lyrical style, certainly most of my best moments have been because I've enjoyed what he has to say, and the manner he gets the thing said. Mind you, he's no slouch musically either, and the wicked, wicked bass line on this shows only too well, and that chorus just begs to be lodged in a thousand angry throats. 'Solidarity elevates humanity' is a lesson learned by the Poles in the hardest way possible and showed that there are other ways to change your society - regardless of the level of oppression.

So, am I happy? Damn straight I am, this is exactly why I hold this musician in such a high regard and I will be the first to admit that I do have an enormous bias for this particular sound and style (whether by Rude Corps or other members of the fraternity) and perfectly understand that there will be people who go 'eh? what's he saying' because Rude Corps raps with a distinct Northern English accent and that can be offputting on someone raised on bling, glitz and cartoon tits, but for the rest of humanity this is a heartwarming message of togetherness. 'I've gotta insist it wasn't always like this' he says, and I agree with that statement whole heartedly and if it changed once it can change back. Or is that just an old mans wish?

Excellent Agitprop hip hop. Highly Recommended.

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