Saturday, October 30, 2010

Acoustic Brain Hemmorage - Frustrated by Conversations Lost In Translation

Hear The Track Here

The one immediately apparent virtue added to Acoustic Brain Hemmorage's credit rating was his complete and unfailing honesty. Most of us spend hours/days/weeks/years coming up with our latest big-me-up slogan, or busily preening others to say nice things about us. I'm not saying we all do it but that is the wider perception. Acoustic Brain Hemmorage just gets right to the point, and his point is really, really simple.

It comes in the form of the spoof Mastercard ad he writes about on his Soundclick site and it's so good, I have to repeat it: one old nylon string guitar = $10, one boombox with built in mic = $20, one pack of tapes = $3.50, one crappy recording full of screwups = priceless. See! Total honesty and you get exactly that; crappy recordings on crappy equipment. So why-tf bother with going on any further with this review?

Fortunately I have spent a whole lifetime listening to music made this way, and even watched it being scrubbed up, polished and made into bona fide hits into the bargain and I learned early on to look beneath the limitations the musician is working under. It's paid off for me a million times and has done so online as well so I am probably more willing than most to take one something really, really simple. Frustrated has a lot going for it actually but you will have to get underneath some hefty sound problems. This musician is particularly deceptive, given time this track turns out to be a very, very decent song and even catchy in a strange way and do I detect the ghost of Marc Bolan in there?

Strange but tasty acoustic treat. Recommended.

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