Sunday, October 10, 2010

Avalanche Ft Stephanie Krowka - Let Me

Hear The Track Here

For most of the human race, this time of year means certain things; the changing of the leaves, the smell of roast chestnuts, Halloween, darkening days and the approaching winter. It also means, for me anyway, that I get to hear what has been happening this summer at Camp Avalanche, something that has become a bit of a yearly ritual. See, it goes like this; Avalanche go into the studio for some time during the summer, writing and recording the tracks we will no doubt be very familiar with by the middle of the winter. Having been involved in a slight way with this years Avalanche project, I have to say that I am more excited than normal to hear this years crop and - as it happens - here is the first one.

This is the third Avalanche/Stephanie Krowka collaboration and, for the record, both the preceding tracks got my highest rating because a) Avalanche are one of my all time favourite unsigned rock bands and b) because Stephanie has a killer rock voice. This is another track from the upcoming Deeply album and if the other tracks are anything to go by this is going to be a killer album. Kinda pointless talking about the music because Avalanche are consummate professionals at what they do, and Mike Foster as well as being an excellent guitarist and songwriter has a deft touch with the old knob twitching and I have yet to hear anything - whatsoever - sub-standard from this source.

When I reviewed Ring Around The Moon (May 2010) I moaned that the vocal really reminded me of someone and finally decided it was Suzi Quatro, and if I hadn't reached that conclusion before, I certainly would have done within one listen on this track. It is probably helped by the 1970's pop rock feel of the song itself, I could well see this happening on Top Of The Pops (Ed: a UK TV institution) during that period. Whether this allusion is intentional or not isn't that relevant because anyone who hears it could testify that its a kick ass song. While I could never find fault (and I DO try, believe me) with what they do, in this case I could certainly hear backing vocals supporting this but maybe that's just me trying to dig up the past...

Highly Recommended Power Pop Rock.

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