Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Rumorse - Halogen Eve CD

Hear The Track Here

Rumorse is Jorge Sasera, a Spanish electronica musician who contacted me through the blog and Halogen Eve is his new project and my introduction to another label, this one the intriguingly named I, Absentee. It's an eight track CD described as ' a beautiful collection of IDM and melodic electronica' on the label's website and certainly the first track up - Aerostatic Xilophon - will say exactly that. As you all know, I am not a big fan of electronica and certain forms of it fair make me want to puke. New Age, for example, really creeps me out, and some of the dance electronica just isn't any of either, dance or strictly electronic. Nothing electronic when you are using samples is there?

Anyway, let's not get that soapbox out or we'll be here until Christmas.

Rumorse has been doing this a while, that much is obvious from the start, but hey this is a very, very crowded field and you are going to need something special to raise you above the herd. Presentation and material are the keys for me, always. On presentation this whole project gets full score from me, some of the sounds are awesome - and this from someone who knows how hard it is to coax something emotional out of unthinking silicon chip. I think it best to describe most of the CD as being of a mellow tone of mood and - as such - it's excellent, especially as the tracks seem to melt into one another very well. I spent a lot of time listening to this on the move and that it where Drifting Chroma came into its own for me; my kind of electronica, Exquisite.

Sidechain is a innovative little piece too, again much more my style than say the first two track which - to be honest - were all a bit too New Age in feel for me to truly appreciate. Soundscapes are really what makes this CD work, and provided you like the style there is much pleasure to be had and by far the best way of listening to this is all in one go. Seems to make much more sense that way and, to be frank, there is no track that is any better than any other and that is the the true test of this project. So while its not exactly what I would hunt for when I was in need of some electronica but I know there are many people who will love this - and rightly so.

Excellent electronic soundscapes. Highly Recommended

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