Friday, October 15, 2010

Cody Scott - So Let's See

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When I hear or meet a young musician, like for instance Penn State's Cody Scott, I am instantly struck by the world that they inhabit, and the world where I come from. Cody is a 20-ish musician who started as a drummer (in school) and branched out from there which, in a way, is similar to the world I inhabited when I first started making music. The essential difference is in the world as it is today. I must have spent millions of dollars (other peoples obviously) and more time than God at getting music into the hands of my listeners. These days, to be honest, it's a piece of cake. I have heard it said that this somehow cheapens the quality of the music on offer but speaking as a veteran (long term) reviewer who has heard thousands of unsigned musicians such statements mystify me; some of the music I have heard online has been nothing short of inspirational. Of course, I would agree that much of it is 'home produced' and usually sounds it, but so did 4 track recordings when I was first starting out.

All a matter of perspective.

The reason, of course, I am on this particular jag is that So Let's See wears its home produced sound right out there in your face which, in my experience, leads to a definite lessening of interest in drive-by listeners. Still, when you are a live gigging musician like Cody Scott, those drive by listens don't really matter but of course they do because they (music, style, production) are all helping to shape the image people see of you. Cody Scott sings and plays his brand of rock well, and considering this is a one man effort (although it also has producers) I personally don't think it shows the musician in the right light.

Sure, as far as song and performance go this is more than passable, but when put up against the extremely serious competition out there in the real internet world, this just doesn't even come close. Mind you, as I pointed out, Cody is young and if I had been making music of this quality and expertise (and releasing it!!) when I was his age, I would be feeling mighty pleased with myself - as indeed he should. While it might not be quite my thing (and its a technical thing, nothing to do with the music), I'm sure So Let's See will certainly get a few more people to come to his gigs.

Hear me Pennsylvania, support your local musicians.

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