Sunday, October 17, 2010

Vulgaria (AR) - Tomorrow

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Now before you even get started on the 'wtf!' routine, belay it. I have no idea what the band name may mean and I'm even sure it would be wise to know, I can - however - tell you what I do know. (Ed: Oh there's a surprise!) <--- less from the peanut gallery too methinks. Anyway, while doing the usual digging into this artist's bits and bobs (normally called researching your subject) I noticed something a tad strange. Vulgaria (the AR stands for Argentina) come from Buenos Aires and didn't I just review another band from there? Why yes, but not strictly a band. Moral Factor is the one man band of one Germán Gabriel Gorchs who, as it happens, also plays in Vulgaria... Now isn't that cosy? It also means that this man has had two reviews from me and I give the rest of you permission to bite him for it ;)

That, however, is definitely not cosy.

I'm joking of course, as you know, I will review a postage stamp if I was asked in the right way. No, wait, I'm joking again and that MUST STOP. Vulgaria then are: Nico Montefusco (guitar) Gus Schulz (guitar/choir?) Jero Saralegui (bass) Germán Gorchs (vocals) and Gas Ripoll (drums). In my review of Moral Factor I wrote that 'The real surprise here is the vocal, courtesy of the man himself' so I admit quite freely that I looked forward to hearing this track. Musically, this is much more mainstream than German's solo work and again I guess that's fair enough, although the styles are quite different. It doesn't stop Tomorrow from being a very, very decent track all round, from arrangement and production to performance.

Where it falls down, for me anyway, is that it doesn't stretch the listener any, and it is the kind of track would have heard more than a few times already in one form or another. Mind you, the same could be said of just about any music these days, it's getting harder and harder to come up with something that is genuinely original. So from a strictly commercial classic rock standpoint, this is an excellent song that is well produced and performed, and most people into that would have a whale of a time with this track. Me, I'll reserve judgement for more material (this is the only track on their page right now)

Highly Recommended rock nonetheless.

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