Saturday, October 30, 2010

Distant Autumn - You Know What You Do

Hear The Track Here

If you had come across Distant Autumn in some random way you may be thinking, new artist and; new to Soundclick and you'd be wrong on both counts. The name may be new but look at some of those songwriting names, surely J Brandon will ring a bell, even if no other. The Silvertrain sounds owes much to Mr Brandon, as does Those Among Us and now - it seems - Distant Autumn. Again, here's an artist that has been on Soundclick forever, plugging away and refining his craft (writing the worlds best pop rock songs) hitting a roll that seems to be expanding and exploring the whole concept of what rock means.

Although a much softer sound (if that were possible for rockers) than either Those Among Us or Silvertrain, Distant Autumn shows - to my ears - some real surprises and this from the man who has heard everything John has ever even thought about. See, that's one of the real paybacks of being a regular reviewer, when one of my favourites finds his footing the satisfaction is enormous. In fact, Those Among Us and Distant Autumn are different bands, the only common strand being John Brandon (at least to my knowledge. No doubt John will be along presently to shed more light on this.

The songwriting credit is down as 'J.Brandon/A.McNeill/B.Strickland' and I personally think the blend the other guys bring to this track have significant meaning for just how good this grouping may or not be. Personally I can hear some wonderful vocal hints on this (almost CSNY stuff) that may be dribble with anticipation. I've always liked pop rock allied with harmony vocals and - let's face it - it's still a pretty winning formula 40-50 years after it first came to fashion, and Distant Autumn may have the newer version of it. There is only one track online right now, this one and if you listen to a track at all this year, let it be this one.

Powerful rock pop in the finest tradition. Highly Recommended.

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