Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Guanoman - Tawdry Seduction Disasters CD

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Do forgive my somewhat wide-eyed and dishevelled appearance, I am not always this seedy looking (Ed: he is, don't take no notice) Fact is, I've been under a lot of strain this week, and I lay the blame for that entirely at this musicians door. Put it like this, living a week in GuanoWorld is like living a 1,000 years back here on Earth and the reason for that boils down to one word: experimental. Although the experimental scene on Soundclick has always been one of the largest around, there are not that many people who I would consider to be really experimental, in an original way. Pilesar, of course, is one of them and Guanoman is definitely another. These are experimental musicians who REALLY push the envelope and consequently are often misunderstood.

I've been a big fan of Guanoman ever since I first met him with Bokonosolonoronach (October 2003), although - it has to be said - I really didn't get it at the time. In fact its taken me a long time to truly appreciate how out there Guanoman is so I admit I personally was very keen to hear his first ever album, and - despite my appearance - I am much better for the experience. Mind you, if you like your music straightforward and all tra-la-la then best to avoid this like the plague because here be monsters. If, however, you like experimental overlaid with heavy swirls of rock a la Meshuggah, Slayer et al then grab yourself a listen to this because it doesn't get much weirder than Guanoman.

Tawdry Seduction Disasters is a ten track compilation and I've already reviewed three tracks off it in months past - Minor Attack of Glass Sickness (September 2010) and Pectophus Rex (August 2009) and The Loves and Lives of Ratmen (June 2009) - all of which scored very highly with me. Personally, I like this new style Guanoman even more than I liked his even wackier previous offerings and I think its the blend of modern rock with all time weirdnessess that make it work for me. It is something new, even if its hard to see and probably would appeal to someone who (say) knows of and likes Dross (another Soundclick original). If however, like me you are a confirmed fan of Guanoman and his particular brand of music, then this a milestone. The first EVER real world (as in you pays your money) album from one of Soundclick's most innovative artists - and worth every penny.

MUST HAVE slice of history but do mind your ears..

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