Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Fear 2 Stop - Legend of Biff Butley

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By the purest fortune then, I found myself in a situation where I had a project from Guanoman and a new track from Fear 2 Stop back to back and that can be well strange. Not a new track from Fear 2 Stop, of course, they come up with a new one every hour. The strangeness comes because poor ol' Gilmore is sandwiched between these two exponents of 'wtf was that?' in all its insidious forms. In actual fact, I think that Guanoman and Fear 2 Stop have more in common than a musical genre, some of their ideas mesh too. Not that I am advocating them getting together in collaborative effort, I'm not sure the space time continuum would be able to deal with it.

Our last encounter with this Houston Tx based trio was their first joint effort for a year, even though that didn't stop the seemingly endless flow of Fear 2 Stop tracks. Legend of Biff Butley is more or less a solo effort from Dana Castillo (Billy Castillo and Raymond P being the other two culprits) and there are parts of it that I find naggingly familiar and yet it's so out there you couldn't possibly have heard it before. Tell you what, not sure which way round this goes but either Dana picked it up from Billy or Billy picked it from Dana but there is a most definite Fear 2 Stop sound and it's captured here in all its insanity.

So if you are already a fan of the band this will be instantly likeable (if indeed such a term could apply here). I do like Fear 2 Stop and I like what they are doing, even if it has blown hot and cold from time to time. I do also know however, that their music is very much acquired taste, and definitely on the wilder side of weird experimental but I've always found the odd thread to cling to in the turbulence and just sit watching it all go on. Tell you something else about this outfit too, they use time and timing so well sometimes it makes me do a double take...

Highly Recommended wtf-ry.

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