Sunday, October 31, 2010

Rustik - The Get Right

Hear The Track Here

Kinda strange that the last two tracks out the bag this month are both hip hop but hey, that's the way it goes. Obviously Rustik has become quite known to me (and you too hopefully) since I first met him a while ago. In my review of D3von's track I was bitching about the lo-fi approach to a lot of Soundclick's rappers and that can't be applied to Rustik, his production values are right up there, consequently he tends to stand out in the hip hop line just by doing that. If you have no idea what Soundclick hip hop should sound like, let me point you in the direction of Monster (September 2010) which is exactly what it says it is, but much more to the point this is an antidote to the hip hop poison spewed out in the real world.

From the opening bonhomie to the last note The Get Right demands that you pay attention, and if you appreciate good, solid music then you would already be doing that and you don't get to say that often about a hip hop track. Yeah, yeah but great production doesn't mean anything if the tune isn't there does it? Indeed not, and that is the second secret weapon Rustik has in the arsenal. So, AFAIK, production is down to Man Mantis who, you may remember also produced Monster and that, I think, is what turned Rustik from a highly recommended to a Must Have so this is not something to be overlooked.

The second, and obviously more potent, weapon is the sheer ability the man has to put his stuff down in the most meaningful way and - I don't think - all done without a cussword (Ed: ooh Gilmore that is such a porkie!!), ho or beehatch in sight. That' my friends, is a real breath of fresh air. Like a lot of the new rappers such as Gangbangsters, Twizzie and too many others to mention, Rustik is definitely not satisfied with the state of play out there in the hip hop world and is intending to do something about it and The Get Right simply lays out the simple truth. Just because it's hip hop and is beat centric, doesn't mean to say that it shouldn't have a good tune.

Highly Recommended class unsigned hip hop.

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Anonymous said...

RUSTIK is the greatest.... every track i hear it gets better and better and better..... alot of MCs put out one or two good tracks then its a bunch pf garbage after that but rust steez doesnt mess around.. dudes ill