Friday, October 29, 2010

Pilesar - Drastic Measures

Hear The Track Here

Maryland's favourite musical eccentric has become extremely well known since he first appeared on Soundclick five or six years ago. Little did I know that Just A Turtle (September 2004), a fairly innocuous ditty of which I wrote 'It's a very good tune with some highly memorable moments' and (even) 'A very enjoyable experience all round. I look forward to hearing more from this artist'. If you are now shaking your head at the mismatch between the Pilesar you know and that guy back then, how do you think I felt?

Whoda thunk it?? If you don't know Pilesar at all, wander over to his Soundclick page and watch a video - he's got more on there than You Boob. You will see, he fully merits the eccentric tag. He is, without doubt, one of my favourite Soundclick musicians. Come on, he makes music out of thin air, how good is that?? Yes, it's very weird too, but that's always been part of his charm. Put it like this, he followed Just A Turtle with Acka Fracka (October 2004) - in his Mandible persona - and is one of my classic wtf tunes, designed to tease... Of course, you need to be nutty as a professor (or me) to really get this guy but hey, there's a good headcount already. You can also help him to put out his new album here which is IMO a smart move indeed on this musicians part.

So, if you like 'Noisey technoy beaty thingy's' then sit back and enjoy. For the rest of humanity, I guess this will need a little more explanation. As a musician, Pilesar veers drunkenly between what most of us recognise as being actual music, to fiddling with the oddest sounds for the weirdest effects and - in the process - coming up with some of the most interesting tracks that pass my ears. If I had to try and sum up Pilesar succinctly I'd point people to this track and say 'lo, there is ALL music'. Mashed together, sliced to an insane thinness and liberally smeared with oinks, whistles and bells. Exactly what I have come to expect from him having (I think) pretty defined the wtf reaction in me.

Toxic or Torrid? You Decide. I loved it, but I'm mad.

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