Monday, October 11, 2010

Rick0 - PRS Custom/Boogie Sample-1985

Hear The Track Here

Arguably one of the most successful TV programmes lately has to be the BBC's Top Gear, watched in so many countries it makes your head spin. Part of its attraction is because of the cars (obviously) and partly it has to do with the way the show is presented. Noted, in a way, for its off-the-wall review style, and cartoon stunts it appeals to a great many people. One of my own favourite reviewers is Jeremy Clarkson, the main presenter, who has been known to spend the whole time kvetching (Ed: complaining) about some little defect and never really mention the car at all.

Petrolheads (as it were) have a lot in common with guitarists, come to think of it. Guitarists of all stripes are noted for the long winded conversations about model, make and number, body style, and any number of other nut jobs that would have normal people screaming with boredom in seconds. Who cares what it looks/sounds like, play the ******* thing, know what I mean? As you might have gathered by now, Rick0 is a guitarist. Not only does he live, eat and breathe the things, he's even written songs about them viz. the title of this little ditty.

'Piece of a tune that I wrote a long time ago-recorded in a friends basement' is the explanation Rick gives us for this and considering that his last appearance here with Clean Fusion (August 2010) was pretty impressive (even for a guitarist yeah), I have learned not to take this a face value. After all, a song title is just that right? Unless it''s (as you may suspect) exactly what it says it is - a sample of someone playing guitar. You may very well ask what is the point then? No point, I guess in much the same way as no tune, no recognisable start and stop and not even a minute long wouldn't have much point. Sure it's musical, if you can count a sub Crossroads type riff, but the arbitrary nature of it does nothing for me. Best to go for his real music I say...

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