Friday, October 15, 2010

Twizzie - Damien

Hear The Track Here

The musician formerly known as Twisted Angel has established quite a presence on Soundclick in a very short time, all primarily down to his willingness to do things his own way and to hell with the rest of us. Yep, my kind of musician. For the sake of all you lazy so and so's who can't be arsed to do their own research, Twizzie is a Canadian hip hop artist (I know, I know, but its true) who probably covers more genres than most hip hop artists unsigned or no. Moreover, I like a rapper who actually tells a story (or even a parable or two) and Twizzie has consistently done that. Our last encounter with him was Keep Doin You Ft Chelsea Tan (September 2010) which was only marred for me by my own dislike for that particular brand of hip hop, and that's a personal thing.

I am a sad man. Whenever I hear hardcore rap (as this is) I automatically start speculating how this would fair in (let's say) a Need For Speed soundtrack and I have to say that Damien would fit right in there with the big dogs. What are you looking at me like that for? Of COURSE I play games, who doesn't? Damien is the second 'leaked' track from the upcoming new mixtape The Dirty Bazement Vol.2 which should do this musician no end of good. See, although he might stray into areas of hip hop I wouldn't normally go far, at least he makes the effort worthwhile.

If I had to level an accusation at this track it would have to be that it was too commercial, but that's kinda the point isn't it? Whatever else I might find to say about Twizzie, his music has always had its eye on the main prize and yeah more power to him. Anyway, as I intimated, Twizzie is very much his own man and as such only releases of a certain (high) standard. Would have appreciated having the vocals a little higher in the mix on this track but that might just be me being crabby... No doubting that if you like muscular hip hop you'll already be aware of Twizzie.

Highly Recommended hardcore rap.

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