Friday, October 15, 2010

Moral Factor - Breaking Point

Hear The Track Here

Moral Factor is a new name to me - and Soundclick too I suspect - from Buenos Aires, Argentina whose music is categorised as Acoustic Alternative, a genre that has found much favour with me in the past, why shouldn't it be so now? Moral Factor is in fact a one man band (step forward and say hi to German Gabriel Gorchs), I guess comes as no surprise to you guys that this is a one man band. There are more of them around than you can shake a stick at, the real question is how many of them are worth listening to or even - God forbid - develop a liking for.

I've always found that preconceptions and prejudices get in the way whenever the term 'acoustic' comes up in normal conversation and I wonder if this because it is in fact a version of a one man band that worked before they invented computers (Ed: or groups, Gilmore...) Most of us see the word and instantly conjure up a hairy shambler with a vague line in musical thought and - in my world - that has never been the case. Put it like this, I think I would be willing to bet that if you started the track right now, as we speak, I could describe quite accurately the surprise it gives you. Not at all what you would expect.

It isn't quite as home made as it sounds and that - to me - is a bit of a bonus because it means that everything is as clear as a bell, although when the (very slight) backing track kicks in things get a bit muddy but hey it works. The real surprise here is the vocal, courtesy of the man himself. One of those voices that instantly demand that you sit up and take notice and the man doesn't even have to raise his voice, German has a restrained way of singing that fits the musical style beautifully. Reminds me of singer/songwriters of the 1960's and 70's and that isn't a bad thing at all, especially when its this listenable and listener friendly.

Highly Recommended Acoustic Alternative.

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