Friday, October 22, 2010

Just F.A.M (Freshset) - Fly (Revisited)

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It's been almost a year since I first made the musical acquaintance of Just FAM (Freshset), a group of four New Jersey rappers who - it has be said - do know how to do it to it. I am not one to really appreciate out and out commercial hip hop but if I had to listen to it, I would pick a bunch of professionals like Just FAM (Freshset) anyday. Of course, the term 'professional' shouldn't really be applied here because - let's face it - none of us are professionals in the time honoured tradition. Nope I use the term when the music, the presentation and production are as good as it can get and Just FAM (Freshset) have scored every time on that criteria.

So, out of the four guys in the band (eXceL, K~Fr3sh, WildBoy Bloaw, and Kevin) eXceL is the one who seems to drive things along (and indeed I have reviewed him also as a solo artist) and Fly is - apparently - an eXceL production, Busy guy, right? Regular readers may remember that I was less than impressed with the musical content of Grand Finale (September 2010) even though I gave it a high rating because of the rap but Fly brings us back to the Just FAM (Freshset) sound and style that typified Dreamer (December 2009), my introduction to the band and arguably their best track so far.

Well, let me tell you Fly comes real, real close to that, and this time the music is just right. Matter of fact, there isn't a lot of it. The bulk of the track is carried by the beats which, I guess, is exactly as it should be. I personally prefer my rap stripped down so that you can concentrate on the flow, for my money this is what separates the men from the boys. Coming back to the points I made in the beginning of this review, the raps are the thing and always were with this band so it would probably be a good idea to actually like hip hop in general, and rapping in particular to really appreciate the work that went into this.

Highly recommended hip hop.

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