Sunday, October 17, 2010

Lewis Cat - The King Is Lonesome

Hear The Track Here

A review request now through the Rebel Riffs blog, Lewis Cat are a new name to me from Brussels, Belgium consisting of Hans Hoefnagels (drums), Mauger Mortier (vocals/guitar), Patrick Myles (vocals/guitar). and Diego Sanchez on bass. While the couple of video's on the band's Myspace site will show exactly what Lewis Cat do, the track I have been asked to review is their new single - but I couldn't resist looking/listening to the videos first, and maybe that was a bad thing. Certainly it didn't prepare me for the much more polished sound and feel of The King Is Lonesome, although it's obvious from those videos that Lewis Cat are a very serious deal indeed.

The King Is Lonesome is an odd track though, in a very distinctive classic rock way and - to my mind - is all the better for it. For sure, you won't hear much that is as inventive, tight and rocking as well sounding bang up to date. Funny thing though, if I had the good fortune to go and see this band live (if you live in Belgium I urge you to check them out), this track is exactly what I would expect to here and, I suspect, is the reason why they did it this way. There is no doubt that the track bounds out of the speakers with a good deal of energy, I think most people would be hard pressed to ignore it - and why should you, it's a blast from the get-go.

It's kind of a punky guitar phrasing, that establishes the tracks rock credentials but it's the first breakdown that cements your ears to the track. Whoever is singing this has a great rock voice, captured with great skill by whoever recorded it. Whatever, between the three Lewis Cat tracks I have heard this one stands head and shoulders above the rest - but only in terms of production. What is clear from all tracks is that Lewis Cat write great tunes, and know how to package them especially for year ears and I do suggest you give them a go. I'm keeping this bad boy, sho' nuff.

MUST HAVE high energy classic rock/punk hybrid.

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