Friday, October 22, 2010

Gabriel Sabadi - Where I Lay My Head

Hear The Track Here

Actually the bandname here is GSM (which is Chris Georgiou, Gabriel Sabadi and Chris Moore) but Gabriel has these down on his Soundclick page which is why he's down under his own name. You can find the main band page over at Mixposure where the band have become highly visible thanks to endless radio play, which is an inevitable by-product of the music they make. So radio friendly it is enough to make a grown man puke. Mind you, this comes as no surprise because both Gabriel and the two Chris's are held in very high regard among those who listen to the modern version of prog-rock. Oh dear, would someone please get that person some water and try and revive them? I'd forgotten what the words p-r-o-g do to some people (Ed: and that would explain why you are writing this with all your fingers crossed, would it?)

I have been, as many of you know, a passionate hater of all things prog rock for more years than I care to mention, having gone through the very first flowering of this musical demon back in the 1970's. Mind you, in the winter of my years, here it is back to haunt me again and - you know what? - it's not exactly the prog-rock that I grew to hate so vehemently. Thanks to artists like Nad Sylvan and yes Gabriel Sabadi and many others I have finally come round to the opinion that prog-rock is actually very good indeed, and I think I know why too. Lack of wankers, madam. See, the whole original idea was so tainted with big money, big shows and big egos it wouldn't have connected to musicians like me and it never did.

I guess that to play great prog rock (like GSM) you have to do it because you love it, and it is soooo obvious that these guys do. From the Pink Floyd-style opening to the panned wind that sees the track out some twelve minutes later, this is a soundtrack of all things prog rock, except the egos. One of the main complaints I have about the genre is its long-windedness and - as you can see - twelve minutes isn't a quick, easy listen. However, if you really like quality music in all its forms you'll find that twelve minutes will zip by, aided by some of the best sounding music and vocals you are likely to hear this side of millions of dollars spent in a studio - and that believe it or not is a high compliment. But Gilmore, you sob, you didn't say anything about the music AGAIN. Don't need to in this case, it speaks for itself and it speaks volumes.

Highly Recommended prog rock (and now I have to wash my mouth out!)

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