Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Smoke It 'n' Die - Taquilla Chihuahua

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Today's Pop Quiz, I think. What does a fluffy pussy and Howard Billington have in common, and it really, really isn't what you may be thinking. For those whose thoughts now need fumigating, it's obvious you already know who Howard is. I first came across this English songwriter/singer/whatEVAH a while ago and developed an instant liking for his bold, confident style. Smoke It 'n' Die is the band that Howard is in and they also have a string of praises a mile long - and not all from me I quickly add. Fact is, Howard Billington (in his many forms) has become a favourite of a good many of my readers and - of course - Soundclick regulars. Whenever I need a quick shot in the arm, Smoke It 'n' Die always but always supply it.

Vitality is their secret ingredient.

OK, I will admit that there music is rough and ready but damn, listen to the songs and there is no doubt that Howard is right up there with the best of them. Definitely one of the most interesting songwriters I have come across in a long, long time. Take, for example, Taquilla Chihuahua which may or may not stand for tequila and whatever you do don't eat those green peppers. Here's a song that, on first hearing, makes you wish that you HAD eaten them because - let's face it - this is not the most exciting intro in town. Around thirty seconds in though the chorus first kicks in and if that doesn't get you, nothing will.

Every time I have reviewed Smoke It 'n' Die in general and Howard Billington in particular I have commented on his place in the natural progression of a strictly English musical bloodline so you are going to hear some punk, some pop, some most definite britpop and a million other influences besides. All set in some very clever, if chaotic, music that is inventive, fresh and involving. In the short time Smoke It 'n' Die have been around on Soundclick they have proved that they have freshness and originality going for them and the string of Highly Recommended and occasional Must Haves from me merely emphasises my enormous bias. Give this a good workout and you'll be hooked too.

Class pop. MUST HAVE.

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