Sunday, October 10, 2010

Ninth Moon Black - Kalyug EP

Hear The Track Here

First track out of the review bag this month is Ninth Moon Black, a five piece psychedelic metal band from Eugene OR and if you are wondering what psychedelic metal is, then join the club. Damn labels drive me nuts, don't know about you guys. Kalyug (don't ask, I have no idea) 'is a 30 minute concept album and is best experienced the first time when listening from start to finish' and it's also freely downloadable on the band's website, so the only question remaining is will it be worth the effort? Well, shame on you if that's what you are thinking, it's a free download, what's to lose? Of course, if the very thought of psychedelic metal sends you screaming into the sunset, best you guys take the day off. Go have a nice lie down...

I am, as you know, a grizzled old rocker to the depths of my soul so psychedelic metal should be exactly what gets my juices flowing (Ed: way TMI, stick to the plot - should there be one). Moreover, the artwork alone is worth downloading on its own, this is one of the best CD designs I've seen in a while. Anyway, on to the music. Harbinger (as the title suggests) gives you a flavour of where the band is coming from - and it isn't from this world. It's basically a dreamy, spacey chill out piano piece that definitely has echoes of the Pink Floyd in their mellow periods. Kalyug is the track that the band finally makes its appearance, and the build up to it works a treat. The dense, atmospheric guitar driven definitely reminds me of early Floyd and it was the first track that made me notice how clean and hefty the production is. Very nice but, like the first track, pure instrumental and that is the same for this whole EP.

Kalyug doesn't really come to a stop, merely flows perfectly into Causatum, the third track. Definitely then something to be listened to as a whole piece and I must admit I appreciated it more played this way. Satya Yuga (track four) also slides in effortlessly, it's immediate effect being a sonic dash of cold water after the sturm and drang of Causatum. So, a couple of things to bear in mind; you'll need to have a healthy liking for instrumentals, especially of the classic rock variety (really, think early Floyd) and you will need the odd half an hour to listen to it in the right way. I'm not exactly partial to instrumentals personally but I like the way that Ninth Moon Black of updated a much maligned genre - psychedelic, that is. Who knows, if I was a bit younger, this might persuade me to go out and score a tab or two. These days, however, me walking sticks just get in way...

Wow, the colours maaannn. Highly Recommended concept EP.

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