Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Dustjackets - It's Not My Fault

Hear The Track Here

You may have noticed forum postings from both the Modems and the Dustjackets and that's as it should be, they are both part of a Perthshire (that's in Scotland) music collective both of whom I first encountered last month. Made a favourable impression on me too. I reviewed the Dustjackets LP Hartley (August 2009) and found it to be a pleasant enough listen, even if it was a little rough around the edges. Still, that's never put me off before, especially where the song itself makes all the going and their Beatle-ish take was just what the doctor ordered.

It's Not My Fault has a much better sound overall and that's a step in the right direction, as is the continued feel for what makes a good song better and - over time - this is a track that will set up camp in your brain. Its basically an acoustic rock tune, with some notable elements including the splendid lead acoustic licks (and slide guitar) form, I think, Robbie Walker Hill. The song comments say that this is ' in the tradition of Neil Young' and I suppose in a way that is true but to me it's truer to something else much closer to home.

Not enough attention has been paid, in my opinion, to the contribution of Scotland in the history of rock music. That is what comes through most about It's Not My Fault, it's pure Hibernian pop feel. Lead vocals again come from Colin McSloy and what a great job he does of it too. Between the brilliance (and tone, and performance) of the acoustic guitars and the vocal/lyrical content this is a track that's going to find a few willing ears. All through the review process, this nagged at me because it reminded me of another Soundclick artist and I couldn't put my finger on it until just now. John Brandon (Silvertrain) sounds just like this on his solo there's a thing.

Highly Recommended acoustic pop.

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