Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Peach Tree - Coming Out Of The Coffin

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Australian musician Angus Maiden (aka The Peach Tree) definitely likes life on the darker side of the spectrum, certainly the last three or four have had some very dark tones. Not that I mind that, in fact I like it a great deal but I have been known to overdose on it with prolonged exposure. Can't be having that. Turns me blue. Coming Out Of The Coffin is, apparently, 'a play on "coming out of the closet' and the track is the opening track in a forthcoming Lift The Black Veil 'story'. There, so much information it makes your head swim. Peach Tree and I have a fairly chequered past so I think he was as surprised as me to get a Must Have rating for Magick (August 2009) so either he's lightening up or I'm getting darker...

No, doesn't bear thinking about.

Coming Out Of The Coffin is a two part track; the extended intro is excellent gothic atmosphere and definitely shows The Peach Tree knows his stuff; right there on the edge of your seat. That fizzles out around 1:30 and that's when the real meat and two veg kick in and the track becomes a heavy rock opus, complete with Rock God lead lines and a doomy, gloomy lead vocal that snarls the lines at you. Kinda reminds me somewhat of a souped up Hawkwind but hey what do I know? Nonetheless, there are bound to be many out there who will just love this surprisingly good rock track, as well as those to whom the dark side appeals most.

Think: what would Jesus do?

Personally, even if the style isn't quite what I need right now, I admit I am much impressed with the quality of The Peach Tree's output of late and Coming Out Of The Coffin is right up there in quality and ideas. I like the juxtaposition of the two styles; one setting up the other not just something jammed together, and yay in a rough way the rock works incredibly well too. Haven't always been able to be so kind to this artist, and it's nice that I can finally connect to what he's doing. That said, this is a track that is an easy listen, despite the overtones especially if you like a bit of classic 70's rock with a modern twist.

Highly Recommended dark mixture.

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