Friday, September 25, 2009

The Modems - Kiss Of Death

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The Modems, who apparently came from out of the shadows, want some of your time. Do they deserve it? Well, judging from the one track I have heard up until this point - This Is Why We Cry (August 2009) - they certainly do. A really fine piece of radio friendly rock pop that is actually worth the money you have to pay to own it. Now, there's a concept eh? Normally when I am reviewing tracks that are for sale, I am extra harsh, after all if you are paying good money... Right from the getgo This Is Why We Cry proclaimed that right, its as professional a product as any you are likely to hear in the real world.

Mind you, after that good a start, can they keep it up?

Kiss Of Death is billed as a 'tongue and cheek nod to The B52's' and by God that's right on the money except its sonically miles better than anything the mad bombers got up to. (Ed: to prevent mass panic I should add that he is referring the the B52 bomber, in a jokey manner) I was commenting when reviewing The Dustjackets track a couple of days ago about the Scots influence in rock music and here's a track that is unashamedly Scot, complete with that wonderful burr so peculiar to Eastern Scotland. It in no way detracts from the music, in fact to my mind it brings a charm and liveliness of spirit - despite it's massively downer lyrics.

What singled out their first track for me was the song it contained, and Kiss Of Death is - if anything - the better song. Mind you I am a real sucker for this kind of overtly commercial pop rock, and I'm probably preaching to the converted here. Takes a bit of welly to score a Number One in the Alternative genre but this track has achieved that, and easily I'd say. The kind of track that comes romping out of the speakers like an overgrown dog intent on play, but the rush that accompanies it is something to experience. Their last track was class, this track was ultra-class, what next?

MUST HAVE nod to the B52's.

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