Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Minimack - Bang Bang

Hear The Track Here

I first came across Minimack when I reviewed Please Stop The Struggle (September 2008) and liked it well enough, it was a decent hiphop track and that usually helps with that genre. Since then, of course, he's delivered some very high grade stuff indeed, if a little on the smutty side at times. I think he likes to collect Parental Advisory's, he's certainly got a few. One of which narrowly missed getting a Must Have from me because of the content. There again, as an adult I really enjoy the way this PA based rapper puts it together, and more so it seems with each release. Stands to reason then that I'd been looking forward to this coming up the review list.

Not, as you might have imagined, a normal hiphop track about shooters and guns, but about an entirely different kind of bang bang. See, those hippies had something with that whole make love not war bullshit. Bang Bang is a 'club track for the ladies' and is billed as Hiphop: Positive Vibes and I guess musically it certainly fits both tags but - for my money - I didn't think the backing track was anything like as strong as some of the material he has been using lately. There's nothing wrong with it per se, just didn't seem that exciting and this is an artist who has been known to choose wisely before.

Where it really scores, at least for me, is the retro feel Minimack has given it - a late 1980's styling. Given the content of the rap is pretty raunchy, it fits perfectly well. More to the point, its probably more commercial than previous output suggests. One of the best parts, for example, of the Need For Speed driving sim is commercially released rap sounding exactly like this. For my money though, I think I've heard better tracks from this source and I guess I'm spoiled.

Highly Recommended hiphop nonetheless.

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