Sunday, September 13, 2009

Cam's Even Song - The Day I Won The Lottery

Hear The Track Here

I mean, come on, own up. Who hasn't had this dream? Even someone as hardbitten, twisted and cynical as yours truly has had this particular dream, and I don't even PLAY the lottery. Suckers game, know what I mean? In a country where the people groan audibly under the strain of their taxes (hands up, the UK!) it seems laughable that the Lottery should subsidise govenment spending and your chances of winning are only 14m to1!. Anyway, best I avoid that particular soapbox because we don't have the centuries I need to be properly vented. Surprisingly enough, this is not about that auspicious day a couple of years when Cam's Even Song won my coveted Artist Of The year 2006 award.

What? Why are you all looking at me as if I'm deluded??

Cam's track is, indeed, about the folly of wishing for something that couldn't possibly do you any good. Sure, we would all like a little extra, and we'd all like to be comfortable but great riches, believe me, is more curse than cure. As it happens I know a few rich people and even a billionaire (only the one mind, but he is a UK Pound millionaire) and they are a right miserable lot, to a man or a woman. There are two distinct sides to Cam's work, and The Day falls into the light hearted, feel good side - one which I am quite fond of. Cam certainly has a touch with this kind of material, an artist having fun with his craft.

To be honest, in anyone elses hands, I'd probably be up to my elbows in blood by now because this is toe-cringingly cute, as well as being catchy as all get out. It has to be said that truly appreciating the entity that makes up Cam's Even Song takes time and lots of tracks, showing both sides of his style. It helps that he's a consummate musician and very experienced home producer (one of the best IMHO) and even something as lightweight as this has bags of charm. Try, for example, to stop that chorus (and the number count) from sticking in your brain like some mad scientists superglue. Class Cam that's for sure.

Excellent pop rock epistle. Highly Recommended.

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