Monday, September 28, 2009

The Rascal Theorist - The Electric Aftermath

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Even though it's where I did a lot of my early apprenticeship in music, I don't consider the 1970's to be much good musically. Sure there was the odd bright spot but nothing like the musical decade that preceded it. It's to be expected I suppose, the 1960's were a once in a lifetime event especially for music. However, one of the bright spots for this reviewer was the upswing in funk and The Rascal Theorist has brought it all throbbing back to life with The Electric Aftermath. This musician has already scored very highly with the first three tracks and there's plenty more to come by the sounds of it.

The tracks starts with the classic 'crowd' sound endemic in a lot of 70's funk, soon supplanted by Ras applying his tonsils to some hot buttered soul, before wandering back to the funk. There's a lot of other influences going on in the track but that's a decent thumbnail sketch. There's no doubt in my mind that, having a few Rascal tracks under my belt that he is a songwriter and musician to be reckoned with; his grasp of his genres and delivery is awesome to hear.

Moreover, the time and effort devoted to each and every note, makes this a meaty track in all respects. Sure, you would have to like soul/r&b and funk to really appreciate this, but its such a good song, and so well delivered it might even snag a few drive by listeners. Every little counts, ya see? At the end of the day, its the tracks evocation of the sounds and textures of the period and updating them that makes it work for me, as well as my eternal delight at the work these musicians (Ras was helped by Bobb E Vox and DT on backing vocals) put into this awesome little track.

Highly Recommended blend of soul, r&b and da funk.

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