Sunday, September 27, 2009

Nosemusic - Fail In Assembling

Hear The Track Here

Last review this month from blog requests is Luciano Monteleone aka Nosemusic from Buenos Aires, Argentina. Billed on Soundcloud (a new site?) as Electronic Nu Jazz (an interesting genre choice) which Luciano also mentioned in his email to me. For sure there is a substantial jazz element in the track and more electronica than you can shake a stick at. Like a lot of musicians, Luciano is quick to point out his technical limitations (PC, Tascam 4trk and an Ensoniq ESQ1) and even mailed a picture of his home studio so I could better get the idea. Believe me when I say this, I have heard much, much worse.

Fact is, Fail In Assembling is a clever track, that blend of jazz and bleeps and squeaks sounds strange on paper but it sizzles down your ear canals like hot wax. From the instant I heard it, I struggled with musical references from the much feared Jazz fusion era in general and Dutch band Focus in particular. Not that this is a bad thing mind, I actually liked the early Focus, and indeed several of the more successful jazz fusion musicians, so I am bound to like something as lively and entertaining as this track.

There again, I am only too well aware that jazz (of any description) is a much under-rated genre, and that many will already be off elsewhere and thankfully the electronic side of this negates a lot of the normal derision about anything jazzy. Once you get past the mainly electronic intro, the song opens out into a nice bass heavy ride (the kind of track I really respond to) nailing the listener to the spot. Now obviously six minutes is going to be a stretch but to be honest, I didn't really notice the time passing and the track sounded better with each playing. A fine introduction to this musician.

Highly Recommended electronica/jazz fusion.

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