Monday, September 21, 2009

David Deal - Blood Money

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Like a great many musicians online, I tend to spread myself as far as possible yet no matter where I go, I am bound to encounter the forum nickname of David Deal (aka songdoc). Although this track is from Popspace, I tend to bump into David more and more over at Mixposure, mostly because his music sounds so good on their radio :) When I first came across this singer/songwriter reviewing I Don't Know (December 2007), his skill at turning out a very sharply defined song - in that case a blend of pop, soul and spiritual. I've put a few more of his tracks through the mill since then, some I've definitely go and some I remain kinda/sorta about. Par for the course, I suppose.

Having worked myself with Canada's most well known polar bear Ked Deiter lately, it's nice to finally get to review something he's involved with. He's featured here on guitar and David Coonrod takes on the bass, with David taking up the slack with everything else - also par for the course. Blood Money is a polemic about the current enconomic situation (David is from Ohio, big car country) but more specifically the role Goldman Sachs plays in our lives pointing you at this article for further clarification (Ed: maybe...). It's actually an interesting read, regardless of your stance on the matter. So what of the track? As I've already said, I do rate David as a songwriter, and Blood Money is exactly what I had expected from him - along with some smoking leads from Ked...

Although it's billed as Alternative Rock, I personally don't see much alternative in it but what the hey. In common with all David Deal tracks it is clean and tidy, with everything in the right place. Although it works with his music I feel that fussiness somehow flattened the delivery on this track, I could definitely have done with a lot more agression (considering the inflammatory subject matter) but that's probably a personal thing. Ultimately though it did affect my feelings about the track making me feel that it was more lightweight than it should be, and that is down to the feel. Its a bit too smooth for my tastes, but again, that's a personal thing - don't let it put you off.

Recommended rock.

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