Monday, September 28, 2009

Platypus Egg - Bambola Vivente

Hear The Track Here

It must be my month for platypi. Earlier this month I reviewed Oxy Powered Moron's Platipus (demo) and now here's a Platypus Egg come to play. I know absolutely nothing about this musician(s), the webpage is well light on knowledge other than a Wiki on platypi and seeing as we've already been there, done that... My spirits perked up somewhat as I downloaded this track and noticed it was billed as Ska and that's right fine by me. That feeling, however, didn't survive more than two seconds into the track - unless the birthplace of ska was placed somewhere in eastern Europe, and that impression isn't just because the main vocal isn't in English.

Having been a youth cursed by the evil of the Eurovision Song Contest, some of this music was declared crap at the time. A lot of it was, and still is, but I have come to appreciate the wonders of ethnic music of all stripes and Bambola Vivente is a classic example - to my mind - of World music. According to my notes, I reviewed this artist under the Unlimited Pineapple Club name and liked both the tracks, although I wasn't so hot on the sound front losing it some favoured points. I did write, however, that 'for people like me with a taste for the different it shows this band has great potential'. For my money this track fulfills that potential.

I have to admit I had a big problem with this the first time I heard it, it took a few plays to let that jaunty polka-like rhythm settle in, and of course I'm no wiser on what the song is actually about (I think its sung in Spanish) but hey, it's a massive rush to the feet so who cares. One of those tracks that will have you whirling around like demented spinning top, trying unsuccessfully to master that Russian kicking dance. Well, at least that's what it did to me and I am not ashamed to admit it. It's a rare track indeed that forces you to get involved with it to that extent.

Excellent World music blend. Highly Recommended

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